This is what Sofia Richie does to stay fit. Photo: X Rolla Campaign This is what Sofia Richie does to stay fit. Photo: X Rolla Campaign

This is what Sofia Richie does to stay fit

A dreamed body in paradisiacal places, this is how we know Sofía Richie. Let's see what your routine is to always be fit.

Sofia Richie, the daughter of Lionel Richie, is an absolutely gorgeous model and if there is something that keeps us awake, it is none other than her perfect abs.

How to be an Instagirl
Sofia is very young and staying fit doesn't cause her much laziness. The key is to balance a healthy diet, workout routines, and detox juices. Obviously, she takes care of herself to always be beautiful.

Train in the mornings
The model prefers to train in the morning, something that according to the trainers is the best time since intense physical activity allows you to accelerate your metabolism and get rid of toxins that are in your body.

Complement your training routine
Clearly, it's not just a routine in the gym, some cardio always goes well. For this reason, her favorite activity is also running, another exercise that allows her to keep her silhouette in shape from head to toe.

Stay hydrated
Sofia Richie avoids restrictive diets, preferring a balanced diet and green juice, on the contrary. What helps her stay in shape is drinking lots of water and full of fruits and veggies. But, other days, she needs carbs and loves pasta, treats, and eating food for the enjoyment of it.

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