How much you should exercise to live longer

This is the least amount of exercise to live longer

You may think that you need hours and hours of workouts to reap their benefits, but that is not necessary. Find out the least amount of exercise you need to live longer

If you want to start exercising you should know this: just a few minutes of exercise a day could help you live a longer life. Isn’t that the perfect workout motivation? 

How does exercise improve life expectancy?

This question can be answered thanks to lots of research about exercising. Research developed in 2011, compared the situation of active and inactive people. It found that people who had relatively low activity, meaning they exercised about 15 minutes a day, had a 3-year longer life expectancy compared to people who were inactive. Moreover, the participants of the low activity group also had a 14% lower risk of death from common causes than sedentary people. 

Another study established that 75 minutes of moderate exercise or walking per week can improve life expectancy. However, more studies need to be done to pin down an exact number of years of expectancy. 

75 minutes of moderate exercise or walking per week can improve life expectancy

The benefits of exercising

Apart from Increasing your chances of living longer, exercising has many other benefits if you do it on regular basis: These are some of them:

Exercising helps your body manage blood sugar and insulin levels

How much should you exercise?

The important thing is to start moving, and it is never too late for that. Healthy adults should do 150 minutes of moderate activity or 75 of vigorous activity, and not only can you do it at the gym but you can get it walking. However, 15 minutes of working out a day can be also beneficial. It is essential to do movements that work all your major muscles at least 2 to 3 days a week with the appropriate rest.

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