This is the best training frequency to gain muscle

So your goal is to grow some muscle. We all know it's not easy and requires a LOT of dedication. But how often should you actually train for the best results? 

A recent study by Brad Schoenfeld looked at this question.

The study focused on two groups and had one doing a traditional routine, training each body part once per week. The other performed full-body training 5 times per week routine. Participants were then measured for increases in muscle thickness using ultrasound analysis.

How often should you train?

The result? It seems that training muscles 5 times per week resulted in superior growth when compared with one day and training each muscle group more than once per week proved to also be beneficial for improved strength. 

Training frequency is key

And what about the duration?

Well, an average strength training routine is anywhere between 30 minutes for beginner to 45 minutes for experienced gym-goers. Anything over 60 minutes means you're either overtraining or resting too long between sets. A 45-minute session seems to be the gold standard for weight training. 

Make sure to rest and stretch

Never forget to rest

As you may or may not know, muscles grow when they are resting. So while keeping a consistent training routine is important, resting is equally paramount. You should rest for one or two days per week. The rest can be active, such as going for a walk or performing a gentle stretch routine. 

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