This is how Brooke Shields trains to keep fit at 55

The exercises Brooke Shields does to look great at 55. The model, actress and, since she shares in Instagram some of the workouts she does, also a fitness reference.

Maybe it wasn't her intention given her background in acting, but Brooke Shields has become a figure to follow in order to sculpt the body and start a healthier routine.

A knee operation was the reason for the model to pay more attention to her body.

"It's been a long road since I had knee surgery last year. I've really learned a lot about my body and I'm happy to be able to show you more about my wellness habits.

Brooke Shields has also shared with her followers what exercises she does.

"I like to do this exercise on the ball for a full body burn (and great for your obliques!). Listen to your body and make modifications if you need to, the important thing is that you get your body moving! Activity is good for the body and mind.

The actress uses a fitball or Pilates ball in her routines

“I got a new piece of equipment for my at home workouts! You can use this exercise ball for a lot of different moves — this one targets the glutes and hamstrings”.


The exercises with the fitball are so complete that they tone the whole body: from arms, back, legs, buttocks. They help maintain good posture and stretch the muscles.

Brooke Shields has an incredible healthy body. At 55, she looks better than ever.

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