The future of footwear: Nike turns garbage into sneakers.

The future of footwear: Nike turns garbage into sneakers.

Nike is more committed to sustainability and has launched its Space Hippie shoe line. These sneakers are made from factory waste that the sportswear company calls "space junk.

Nike collects garbage to create its next sneakers. The sports firm believes in the importance of reducing waste.

A couple of years ago, Nike began to collect new information about the specific carbon footprint of materials and processes. They started using material that went to waste, reusing the waste as a path to really low carbon emissions.

Nike's Space Hippie manufacturing process uses 85% recycled yarn and recycled foam.

The fabrics on the Space Hippie top are created from 100% recycled material, including recycled plastic water bottles, T-shirts, and yard waste.

The cushioning for the Space Hippie shoe is also made from recycled material. Nike takes the factory waste from the production of the running shoe and reprocesses it.

To learn more about this sneaker go to Nike's website.

Companies are increasingly working on the processes of production, not just its manufacture. Also the waste it generates, how to reduce it, and how to use it.

Other footwear companies are looking for lower carbon and more circular manufacturing processes.

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