The best 5 YouTube Fitness Channels for weight training

The best 5 YouTube Fitness Channels for weight training

YouTube has become one of the most useful platforms to exercise for free and stay in shape. But with so many amateurs claiming to be experts, you may be wondering who you should listen to.

When looking for training advice on YouTube can be overwhelming, there are thousands of channels and, though many hold several certifications, others are fitness enthusiasts who might not be the best advisors.

But there are plenty of YouTube channels for weight training that you can profit from, so get your devices ready because it’s time to find a new mentor!

1. Krissy Cela

If your goal is to build muscle, strength, and gain confidence, you'd better try one of Krissy Cela's routines. With a wide array of workout sessions and a fun personality, she makes you approach fitness in a different way and she also provides nutritional advice. Here's a no-equipment booty routine you should definitely try out!

2. Natacha Océane

Natacha Océane focuses on strength training and full-body workouts but at the same time, she lets her subscribers know about behind fitness to achieve long-lasting results. She also helps find a balance between food, workout and having fun. 

3. Annabelle Hayes

Being a certified personal trainer she is highly qualified to help you build muscle and strength and she offers many options to train from heavy weight training to at home no-equipment routines.

4. Stephanie Buttermore

Believe it or not, Stephanie is a fitness enthusiast with a doctoral degree in pathology and cell biology. Her background in science and passion for a healthy lifestyle has helped her create healthy routines based in science and in a non-restrictive way.

5. MadFit

Maddie is one of my favorite YouTube channels. She is positive, she offers a wide variety of workout routines ranging anywhere from 3 minutes to 40 minutes. She is a former dancer, so with her videos, you can dance, lift weights, and stretch.

Always make sure you consult your GP before starting any type of training.

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