That's how Brooke Shields began to meditate

Brooke Shields was never a woman who was passionate about sports, however in the middle of her quarantine the actress began to meditate at home and that changed her life for the better.

The renowned actress, model, and writer is 55 years old but maintains a toned and strong body.

Brooke Shields tells how she began to meditate, she says she felt bad and needed to improve her daily routine.

"I've never meditated before in my life, I'm the person who says: I'm too busy to meditate. But when the quarantine started, I went through a period of complacency. I said to myself, 'I'm not going to the gym, so I don't have to work out. I'm just going to have that quesadilla and that ice cream and cocktails.

However, the renowned actress changed those thoughts and decided on a healthy daily routine for her health.

"You have to control yourself because if you're nervous, we don't stand a chance. Soon after, I signed up for a live meditation led by Deepak Chopra on Facebook. My family mocked me, saying, "Oh, Mommy's going to get all Zen now.

Even though the actress decided to start the meditation anyway, she knew she needed to change her lifestyle.

"One of the questions Chopra asked was: What do you want for yourself, for life and for the world? And I thought: I just want the absence of fear. Because every time I start to get out of control, it comes from fear. A lot of what we are experiencing is fear, fear of the unknown, and it is debilitating. The meditation lasted maybe 45 minutes, but it felt like 10.

Now Brooke Shields stays active, she does physical activity daily, in addition to meditation. She says she complies with the isolation and trains at home.

"Now I'm grateful to be able to exercise. I have a trainer who says if you stay home, you have to be creative. You can make biceps out of tomato cans. I have these rubber bands, and if you spend 10 minutes doing squats or side steps with them, you're sweating! And I try to help my friends with that. They call me up and say, "Can we work out together?" And I say, "Sure, let's make a Zoom call!"

She says that at 55 she feels better than ever. Her daily routine is very healthy and pleasant for her mental and physical health.

"I feel physically better than ever. We can inspire each other to do something that will make us feel better.

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