Short exercises you can absolutely do during your lunch break

Short exercises you can absolutely do during your lunch break

No time? No excuses! Here are some exercises that are easy to squeeze in, no matter how tight your schedule is!

Revitalizing your body and your mind is something really helpful. Thankfully, you don't need to wait until the end of a long day to dedicate some time for yourself. These exercises are short enough for you to do them during lunch!

Workday arm challenge

Arm challenge!

All you need is a chair or a bench. You can complete this arm challenge during your break. The main target is triceps and push-ups for strong shoulders, biceps, and abs. Complete 100 tricep dips and 50 push-ups (in any variation you prefer).

5-minute workout

Blood-pumping challenge!

No equipment needed here. Revitalize your body with these 5-minute blood pumping moves. 45-second workout and 15-second rest per exercise, complete two rounds of a reverse lunge with a front kick (left leg), jumping jacks, reverse lunge with a front kick (right leg), bicycles (fast-paced). 

Weekly squat challenge

Squat challenge!

No equipment needed either! You can complete 50, 100, or 200 squats each day! You can do some squats any time you have a minute until you complete your daily total. Ideally, you will change your squat type each day!

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