Salma Hayek's favorite workout just happens to be perfect to do from home

Salma Hayek has previously said she only does one thing to stay in shape. And it just happens to be perfect as a  home workout.

Salma's workout of choice is none other than yoga. In times of what seems like a neverending lockdown, this is a perfect alternative to incorporate as a home workout. Salma Hayek clearly knows about the health benefits of yoga and loves to share an occasional snap of her newfound flexibility. 


One of Salma's favorite things about yoga is the amazing impact it has on her posture, which she believes is key to always looking good.

"It taught me how to tone my muscles without clenching them. You relax them and focus on the parts that need to be used, but never with tension. If you're aware of your body, you'd be surprised by the effect it can have."

Her favorite type of yoga is also a surprise: restorative is her choice. Salma works long hours and prefers a relaxing exercise that lengthens muscles and helps her wind down after a long day on set. 

Practicing yoga can improve the quality of life, especially in lockdown

To find mental and physical balance in times of pandemics is not easy, but yoga is the ideal way to improve our quality of life.

This discipline is highly recommended by psychologists, experts in physical activity, and many other professionals since through yoga it is possible to improve the integral health of the body.

Practicing yoga daily provides many health benefits, such as the possibility of reducing anxiety, promoting concentration, helping us to fall asleep, lowering blood pressure, and improving the balance between body and mind. The best part? You only need a mat. 

Who can practice yoga?

Regardless of age, everyone can practice some kind of yoga, as it can be as challenging or as easy as you prefer. Even people who are recovering from injuries can do certain types of yoga with slow movement, lots of breathing, and meditation, as long as their doctor allows it. 

So Salma is on the right track. And the way she looks may just be what motivates us to get on the mat every day.

Salma Hayek shared her routine for staying healthy in quarantine

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