Reese Witherspoon confessed that before a big event she practices yoga to relax

The well-known actress told some of her customs before a big event. She revealed that yoga helps her feel more relaxed.

Reese Witherspoon shared some of the stress-relieving yoga poses. Especially when she has to face big responsibilities.

Before a big event, it is very common to feel nervous, anxious, stage fright or other types of nervous disturbances.

The actress revealed that prior to events like the Golden Globes, she does some yoga exercises and it has helped her feel better.

Celebrities don't stop when it comes to preparing for the red carpet. Some indulge in LED light therapy sessions; others let go with a little twerking and stripping. Reese Witherspoon, on the other hand, is all about keeping things simple before a big event.

In a recent "Get Ready with Me" video, Witherspoon gave fans a glimpse of his pre-Golden Balloon yoga flow, led by famed instructor Kirschen Katz.

"I've been doing yoga and breathing practices with her for years.

Instructor Katz shared some quick tips on how to use yoga to relieve stress before a big event.

"Lots of breathing. Very, very calming and relaxing.

The physical benefits of yoga include improved flexibility, increased strength, and weight loss. Plus the practice can also do wonders for clearing your mind and helping you feel more at ease with yourself.

"You make me feel so much better when I see you," Witherspoon tells Katz in the video.

Reese Witherspoon confessed that before a big event he practices yoga to take the nerves out

Given the many stress relieving benefits of yoga, it's no surprise that Witherspoon intentionally takes time to get his flow going before big events like the Golden Globes.

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