Rebel Wilson's life-changing habits you should adopt for a healthier life

The famous Australian actress has everyone fascinated with her new fitness lifestyle. It is known that she has taken her new routine seriously and you may want to discover what she has done to look amazing. 

Melanie Elizabeth Bownds or better known as Rebel Wilson has taken an important decision and it is to be persevering and consistent with her routine. And the results are evident. Discover what she is doing to stay healthier, and consider copying these too! 

Rebel Wilson looking gorgeous


In order to achieve goals, the effort is needed. And not snoozing the alarm is part of it. Rebel gets up early and starts her routine in the morning. Hiking and hill sprints are now part of her morning routine. 

Hikes are now part of Rebel Wilson's routine


Although many people prefer not to lift weights, you must know it is a very important part of the exercise routine for better results. And Rebel's doing it too! With the supervision of her trainer, she builds muscle tissue and strength by flipping tires and pulling trucks.

Rebel Wilson varies her workouts

Exercise is the key

High-intensity exercise can be a good ally to reach your goals. And this is the case of Rebel. She has shown to her followers that she used weighted battle ropes, she trains six days a week, and also she's getting into hiking and walking everywhere. Combining different types of exercise can also help!

Varying workouts is key

More is more

For better and quicker results, Rebel's working out on weekends too! However, it is wise to learn to listen to your body. Rest days are also important because it is when your muscles are able to recover from the exercises. If you work with a trainer, you can plan even better your sessions and discover what is best for you.

Walking also helps

Rebel chooses to walk from time to time. For beginners or even advanced sports practitioners,  walking is good exercise. Besides, during the lockdown, we've incredibly decreased the movements during daily life. Going to the office, for example, made us do some exercise and it has been eliminated from the daily routine.

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