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Reasons why choosing a cordless jump rope is a very good idea

Jumping rope is one of the best cardio exercises to do at home: you don’t need much equipment and even children can master it, but why do people choose to go cordless? And do cordless jump ropes work?

Jumping ropes is popular for one reason: it works! It is fun and it can be practiced by almost everyone. There is a new trend of cordless ropes, and you might be probably thinking: “What? How can I jump rope without a rope?” the answer is that you can with this new technology. Before explaining why they are a good choice, let’s explore the benefits of jumping rope:

With that being said, why should you opt for a cordless rope, if the regular ones work? Well if you’ve ever jumped ropes in a small space, you know how easy is to break stuff and hit people, don’t you? Another reason why using cordless ropes is a good idea is because they are safer –I don’t know about you, but I have tripped with the cord or tangled my feet with it a couple of times.

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Cordless ropes consist of two handles with a short rope and a weighted ball attached at the end and when you sign the handless, the ball moves to provide the feeling you get from jumping with a real rope. This allows you to reap the benefits without worrying about the rope.

Some even come with trackers, so you can monitor your progress!

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