No Gym? No Problem!: Jen Selter shares her home workout to stay fit

The fitness model is one of the most inspirational Instagram stars. She does a lot of physical activity to take care of her body and mind.

Jen Selter knows that in these difficult times of COVID, many people need help to feel motivated to train. She published in her Instagram account some recommendations to get fit and keep a positive mind.

This is Jen Selter's post for her followers:

As many gyms are still closed or for those who never had a gym membership, I repeat you don’t need a gym to get fit! From my own personal experience – I can tell you, it can be done!   What do you need to start? That is the best part –you really don’t need anything but yourself and a mental commitment.

1. Establish a routine. Figure out what time works best for you. Morning? Evening? Once you establish a time, commit to work out at that time.

2. Find space.

a) Get outdoors! Go for a jog or walk outside! It is a simple way to burn calories and improve your endurance.

b) Anywhere – living room, bedroom, hotel room, office, or garage. You can do simple workouts in any space just double your body size!

3. Follow a workout program to keep yourself accountable.

4. Add strength. If bodyweight is not challenging enough you can add strength to your workouts without investing in equipment. Use what is around you such as canned food, textbooks, or gallons of milk/water. All can be used as hand weights to increase the level of work you do.

5. Find a workout buddy online (her private Facebook group is the perfect place for this)  It will help keep you motivated and more committed. You can use a fitness app too! There are several options that can help keep track of your fitness level and your calorie intake! 

With these words, the model invites her followers to train and keep fit and positive-minded. She is an example of healthy habits. She is great.

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