New to yoga? Find the type that best fits your personality

There is a perfect type of yoga for you! Read on to find out which yoga style best matches your personality and body type.

Like an extra challenge? Constantly cold? Try hot yoga

If you’re in for an extra challenge, try hot yoga. Hot yoga is based on classical positions, so it’s great even for beginners. The heat accelerates your metabolism and makes it easier to stretch. It will also get rid of all those toxins. Just make sure to hydrate.

Hot yoga is practiced at 40ºC, so if you have issues with blood pressure or are one of those people who uses a t-shirt in the dead winter, this may not be for you.

Love dancing? Buti yoga is for you!

Buti yoga is a unique practice, known for its cardio-intensive bursts of tribal dance, primal movement, and conditioning. It’s perfect for those who just hate slow movement and are more into dancing. So if you’re seeking for a super-fun workout that works your legs and glutes, and don’t mind twerking in between asanas, this one’s for you.

Prefer to stick to the classics? Hatha yoga is your thing

Probably the most famous type of yoga, Hatha has been practiced for centuries. Based on slow and conscious movements and breathwork, this type of yoga is perfect for absolute beginners and those who’d rather take it slow and focus on the spiritual part.

Like fast-paced workouts? Want to learn a handstand? Try Vinyasa

Vinyasa has become more well-known lately as the main type fo yoga adopted by the gyms around the world. Fast-paced flows, challenging balances, and a sweaty workout overall. Often performed to music, this is a great whole-body workout that will feel challenging every class.

Hate mixing it up and routine is your thing? Ashtanga is for you

Students of Ashtanga follow a set sequence of postures each time, gradually progressing through the series. This is not for those easily bored. But don't expect the class to be easy either. Ashtanga is great for challenging your strength and balance, so you will get a pretty good workout every class, even if you follow the same positions every time. 

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