Move your body: Exercises to manage stress Move your body: Exercises to manage stress

Move your body: Exercises to manage stress

If you are overwhelmed with work and obligations, you spend a lot of time at home, taking a break to release all the contained tension is necessary. Let's see!

Physical exercise is ideal when it comes to maintaining control of pressures and daily stress. Here we offer you some techniques so that you do not lose your balance and you can be at peace with the universe and everything around you.

Apply a positivity in everyday life and stop the habit of negative thinking.

What stresses us out?

Under normal circumstances, the mind assimilates emotional information by processing it in the limbic system, and then sending it to the neocortex, for logical analysis and 'reasonable' response. However, this process changes during a traumatic event: like social isolation and the new normal, we must act fast, which means 'instinctively'. To do this the brain uses its most primitive parts and of course, there is no 'logical answer' and we get stressed.

When you exercise, your body releases endorphins.

Exercises that we can implement to combat stress:

1. Stretch your back
Lying on the floor on your back, and with your feet flat on the floor, bring your knees up as far as you can and gently push your lower back toward the floor. Stay like this for 10 seconds. Relax, and repeat this procedure five times.

2. Rotation of wrists
Rotate your wrists both ways. Extend one arm in front of your body with the palm up, pull the fingers down, away from the palm, hold for 10 seconds, and repeat the exercise with the other side. I shook my hands like you were splashing water.

3. Relax your legs
Sitting in front of a desk, push yourself with your hands touching the desk and stretch your legs; contract and extend your feet several times and rotate your ankles.

4. Loosen your shoulders
Raise, lower, and rotate them one at a time and simultaneously. Turn your head and neck. Relax your shoulders and let your head drop forward, with your chin resting on your chest.

5. Rotate your head in circles
Slowly rotate your head in clockwise circles, without stretching your neck. I repeated this procedure five times. Then relax and rotate in the opposite direction, again five times.

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