Look no further than this simple cardio exercise to burn fat

Jumping rope is a complete exercise that promotes coordination and increases agility and speed, teaches us to control our breathing and puts our whole body in motion, among its many benefits

Jumping rope is an excellent cardiovascular exercise, perfect for burning calories, strengthening the heart or recovering bone mass. Arms, legs, core, the whole body gets in motion.

Jumping rope is a very common exercise to warm up and activate the body just before starting to practice sport, since every muscle in your body is involved in the exercise.

Why is jumping rope the best exercise for burning calories?

Several studies have shown that you can burn about 1,000 calories per hour, and compared to other activities, skipping is one of the most effective cardiovascular exercises.

Depending on gender and body size, a person can burn up to 750 calories per hour. 

It helps to lose weight and is a powerful cardiovascular exercise that involves every muscle in the body and improves endurance, helps eliminate fluid retention, eliminates stress and improves control of our breathing.

In addition, it will strengthen legs, buttocks and core, but it will also help us to lose fat and improve bone density.

Why is jumping rope the best exercise for burning calories?

Also, this exercise, like any other, is discouraged for those who have injuries because the impact of jumping will aggravate the injury. In case the person, whatever his age, is in good physical shape and willing to jump, it is recommended.

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