Lebron James on fire: This is his training routine

Lebron James starts the final part of the season in excellent shape at the age of 35, having trained hard during the confinement.

Lebron James has not been on vacation during the lockdown. And it shows. With just over a week to go before he returns to the NBA, the 35 years old basketball star has once again shown that sacrificing training has paid off.

Year 17 and Still At It! Lets!

Mike Mancias, is the personal trainer of Lebron James, both train very hard to achieve great results.

 "Lebron James has a privileged physique, a great intelligence and an unbreakable will power. At this point in his career we try not to exceed the workload, especially when it comes to strength work in the gym, and there is nothing better to improve his physical condition than basketball itself".

In recent times, Lebron James has focused much of his preparation on strengthening the core: abdominals, obliques, spinal muscles, lumbar muscles, pelvic flexors and extenders, and the buttocks.

"If the core is not strong enough, everything will be affected. Lebron's training is based on the core because it's the base of everything. He likes to do boards, push ups, bear crawls, squats.

Lebron James is the clear example that to achieve great results, a lot of sacrifice is needed in training.

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