Latest fitness trend: A beginner’s guide to Gardening

Have you ever thought of gardening as actually a way of trending? Well, you’d be surprised to know its benefits.

Apart from the psychological benefits of gardening, it could actually help you stay in shape. Not only does gardening help you tone your forearms, but it also tones thighs and bottom as well. If you’ve never done gardening, this is how you can start!

Prepare your ground

Prepare your ground

Digging is the best way to work out in the garden, and it is the first step of gardening. To prepare you're grown for sowing, you need to improve drainage and make sure your soil is packed with sufficient nutrients for your veggies to grow. The heavier the page, the more you burn, keep your back upright.

Rake to a rhythm

Put on some music and rake to the rhythm to incorporate some aerobic exercise. Did you know that raking for 30 minutes could make you bur 120 calories? It actually engages all your upper body including shoulders, pectorals and abdominal muscles.

Say goodbye to dumbbells

When you move your pots around, either at night because you want to protect them from cold, or just if you want to display them. Just make sure you bend your knees not your waist, so you don’t hurt your back. Squat with your feet apart, grabbing the pot with both hands and keeping your back as straight as possible.


Using a hand mower and keeping the settings high, will help your burn calories. Of course the faster you do it, the more calories you will burn.

Increase your flexibility by pruning

Increase your flexibility by pruning

Pruning ornamental vines is a great way to stay flexible. The good thing about creepers is that they usually grow fast and it will force you to prune them to stop them from taking over all your house.

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