Kendall Jenner's full body exercises to do anytime, anywhere Kendall Jenner's full body exercises to do anytime, anywhere

Kendall Jenner's full-body exercises to do anytime, anywhere

Kendall Jenner is a woman famous all over the world for her beauty and style. She trains every day and today we'll tell you everything you need to know about her training routine.

Exercises for the full body

Kendall's trainer, Albert Matheny, recommends some effective exercises to get a toned body, just like her!

Exercises like Jenner's help build lean muscle, and you can constantly progress to challenge your body by varying the sets, repetitions, weights, and rest time to achieve your goals.

These types of exercise involve virtually every major muscle group in your body, making them very efficient. Many of these exercises also have real-life applications. We have all had to lift a heavy box at some point in our lives, after all.

The personal trainer stresses that you don't have to do these movements every time you go to the gym to get a really good workout. As a general guide, twice a week is sufficient for these high intensity full-body exercises.

On alternate days, you can supplement this with lower intensity workouts such as yoga. The model shows that with these exercises you can get a toned and healthy body!


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