Kayla Itsines: a killer upper body workout you can do from home in 10 minutes

The fitness guru has posted a fantastic upper-body workout you can do from home in only 10 minues. All you need is a set of dumbells and a bit of motivation.

Only have 10 minutes? Hate working out your upper body? No problem! Kayla Itsines posted a very effective workout for the upper-body.

I understand that not everyone enjoys training the upper body, but it’s important that we don’t neglect it, in order to improve your overall body strength.

This 10-minutes workout is everything you need to feel the burn. All you need is a mat and a set on dumbells, although you can use water bottles to replace them. Remember to warm up for a couple fo minutes to prepare your muscles and avoid injuries ans stretch afrewards. You can follow this little routine for that:

We also suggest to workout near a mirror so you can check your form. As usual, correct technique is way more important than the weight used. 

Make sure you watch Kayla's video and take note of the correct posture and placement.

Happy workout!


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