Josephine Skriver-Karlsen shares with us her Workout for becoming a Victoria's Secret Angel

Josephine Skriver-Karlsen shares with us her workout for becoming a Victoria's Secret Angel

Josephine Skriver-Karlsen is a Danish model known as Victoria's Secret angel since 2016. She has worked for the most important brands in the world and is a model recognized worldwide. She shares with us her training routine.

To sculpt her body, Josephine lifts weights. However, if your goal is to look slim and not bulky, lifting heavy weights may not be for you. But it really depends on your body type and also on the weight you train on.

What is your training goal?

If you lift little weight and a lot of repetitions, you will get a muscle that is not very bulky but very toned. On the other hand, if you lift a lot of weight and do a few repetitions, you will increase your muscle mass.

Boxing Exercises

Boxing seems to be a common thing for Victoria's Secret models, Gigi and Bella Hadid also box! And let's not forget the incredible Adriana Lima who also loves boxing.

Boxing is a great way to work your whole body, especially your arms while burning tons of calories. And for most people, it doesn't make your upper body bulky.

Josephine has always loved to exercise. She liked to play sports, especially soccer when she was a kid and said that running is what gave her her "trendy body. Now that she models for Victoria's Secret, she uses weights to add a little tone to her slim look.

She trains several days a week

Typically, Josephine works out 5 days a week for an hour at a time but listens to her body if she needs an occasional day off.

Josephine's workout routine includes many exercises that require balance and core stability, including Plank, squats, donkey kick. The results of this workout routine are great for your health and wellness.

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