Jennifer Garner's incredible workout routine

Jennifer Garner's incredible workout routine

Although you have seen the actress Jennifer Garner in romantic comedies, the truth is that in her last role in Peppermint we can see a real warrior. What did she do to achieve that look?

Her first major role was in the TV series Alias, in which she gave life to a double agent of the CIA.

So it's possible that since then, Garner has had a real warrior hidden inside her.

In her latest film, Peppermint, Garner plays a woman who, after a family tragedy, decides to take the law into her own hands. A role that forced her to gain muscle mass.

How Jennifer Garner Got in Fighting Shape for Peppermint (Exclusive)

A soldier's training

To achieve this, the actress was placed under the orders of the physical trainer Simone de la Rue, creator of the "Body by Simone" method.

This is a workout that combines high-intensity cardio exercises through dance with others of strength to increase muscle tone.

Garner mainly sought to strengthen her upper body and so the trainer devised a special routine for her.

Which exercises did Jennifer do?

Elastic band exercises. Designed by her trainer, they allow you to exercise any part of your body through a wide variety of activities.

The trainer says that these instruments are ideal for training. They allow you to train anywhere and are easy to transport because they do not take up much space.

Endurance training. Garner had to perform endurance exercises. Specifically, De la Rue advised her to do sit-ups, push-ups, and weight lifting. The actress shared one of her sessions on Instagram, check it out!


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