Jen Selter's challenge to tone up your buttocks and legs in 30 days

The Jen Selter workout is one of the best examples of how this famous athlete managed to get those formidable buttocks and legs.

 Jen Selter is a fitness model who has become famous through the photos and videos she has uploaded to all social networks. She has designed different training routines with the aim that all her followers find the best way to stay in shape.

The young woman born in New York is one of Instagram's most popular fitness models, due to the fitness classes she shows on this social network, with more than 12 million followers.

She is the creator of the exercise to tone the buttocks using the body weight as a factor of difficulty, which has become vital to achieving more accurate results that have inspired several coaches and celebs around the world.

Many people ask how to get Jen Selter's buttocks and legs and so a curious 30-day challenge was born.

The goal of the challenge is to tone the legs and buttocks in record time. It is based on deep squats, an exercise that is perfect for working the legs and buttocks.

The challenge starts with a few repetitions of squats in the first few days and then increases in difficulty. For people who are too difficult, they can do the marked squats throughout the day. And those who don't feel ready can abandon the challenge at any time.

Jen Selter's challenge to tone up your buttocks and legs in 30 days

Jen Selter's follow up challenge for great results:

Those who have managed to complete the challenge will see an improvement in the strength of their glutes and legs. Also, if they complement the exercise with good nutrition, the results will be better.

It is clear that to achieve the same results as the beautiful model, it is necessary to maintain a healthy diet, exercise. It's not that simple, but Jen Selter's lifestyle helps inspire many people to keep living a healthier life.

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