JLo's pole dance training is way harder than it looks: 7 benefits of this workout

JLo's pole dance training is way harder than it looks: 7 benefits of this workout

Jennifer Lopez had to go through strict pole dance training to achieve perfection in the movie Hustlers. Want to know how she did it? And how beneficial is pole dancing really?

Inspired by the viral New York Magazine article, Hustlers, released last September, follows a crew of savvy former strip club employees who band together to turn the tables on their Wall Street clients. JLo's performance was highly praised as was her enviable physique. Which in reality took weeks of brutal training. 

Hustlers demanded a lot of training from JLO

Pole Dance may seem easy but this is a workout that works all the muscles in ways you never thought possible. 

JLo's training 

Jennifer Lopez prepared for six weeks to look like a professional.

Johanna Sapakie, choreographer and pole dance specialist, was in charge of training JLo during that time.

The 'Bronx Diva' decided to install poles in all the cities she visited during her tour around the United States. She took time to train and did not hesitate to ask her trainer to travel to help her with this activity. That's commitment!

The dance routines caused Jennifer to suffer bumps and bruises, but she didn't mind, she was very committed to this task.

Despite all that, Jennifer never gave up and is now an expert in the art of pole dance.

Among its many benefits, pole dancing allows you to:

  1. burn a lot of calories
  2. strengthens core muscles
  3. improves stability
  4.  is great for bones and joints
  5. helps you sleep better
  6. improves mobility and flexibility
  7. improves your confidence

Check out this video of JLo's training for motivation!

Hustlers | How I Mastered the Pole Dance | BTS Part 1

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