The ideal music for your workout routine

Is there an ideal type of music for your workout routine?

To exercise regularly you need several things: good equipment, a gym space, goodwill and music for sports. But not every choice is the right one, no matter how much you like it.

When you want to follow your workout routine there are some very important elements to take into account. First of all, you need to be dressed accordingly in a proper outfit. Whether in or out of lockdown you still need a safe and environment to do your exercises. But all of this seems nonsense if they are not accompanied by that kind of music that makes you keep going and training,  just as if you had a real trainer pushing your limits. 

The soundtrack of your workouts can be decisive, it can lead you to success or failure. Though it may sound a little extreme, it is something scientifically proven. Anyone who's ever gone for a run knows that if the songs in your playlist do not have the correct rhythm, you may not meet the objective you had. It's like when you are walking down the street listening to music and suddenly you listen to that song that motivates you and your way of walking pace changes. The same happens when you are dancing. Some songs are more appealing than others and your attitude towards the dance is different. Music has that effect.

Listening to the right music makes us change our training steps or dancing moves.

Apple Music, Spotify, and many other platforms have music lists for sports. Some better, some worse, but they can serve as an inspiration to create your own and test which one motivates you the most and gives you the best results. However, none will be like the scientifically perfect list of music for sports, unless it contains the themes chosen by the University of Osnabrück (Germany) together with the music agency TRO and Amazon Music. 

Because after gathering all the studies in this regard, and complying with the requirements set out in them, they have managed to create the perfect list of music to play sports. Even if you don't feel like training at home, they will make you take out the dumbbells or turn on the treadmill and dedicate a few minutes to the sport without losing your rhythm or motivation.

The University of Osnabrück (Germany), TRO music agency, and Amazon Music have developed a playlist with the 60 best workout songs.

The rhythm, the lyrics, or the volume were factors to take into account to choose the 60 songs of this playlist of more than 3 hours. And what themes make it up? Well, from AC / DC's ‘Thunderstruck’, through Calvin Harris’s ‘One Kiss’, to the mythical ‘Bella Ciao’. Some other lyrics include: ´Remedy´ by Alesso, ´Work bitch´ by Britney Spears, ´Survivor´ by Destiny´s child, ´Blow your mind´ by Dua Lipa, ´Eye of the tiger´ by Survivor, ´Don´t stop the music´ by Rihanna, ´Run the world´ by Beyoncé, and ´Lucky you´ by Eminem.

However, experts also take into account the tastes of the users, and if none of these songs are among your favorites then it is unlikely that they will work. That is why many times we do not feel comfortable in the gym because the music that plays does not suit us. Anyway, nothing is lost for trying this list. If they don't all fit you, nothing happens, it's 3 hours of non-stop music, it can be cut. 

Nick Connelly

Though he spent most of his time on camera, covering major sports events, Nick’s life-long dream was to become a sports columnist. Today, Nick researches and covers workout routines, exercise-related tips and tricks and sports diets. In need of an effective training routine? Look no further than Nick’s articles.+ info

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