If I am overweight, can I start bodyweight training? If I am overweight, can I start bodyweight training?

If I am overweight, can I start bodyweight training?

When a person wants to lose weight the first thing they do is start exercising, and many decide to exercise at home, at their own body weight.

However, bodyweight is not of great benefit for most exercises if you are a newbie, so those who are overweight and have no previous experience with resistance training will have a hard time.

However, there are some simple exercises to start with if you are overweight:

Knee push-ups with support

Give yourself 10 knee push-ups

This is nothing more than doing the push-ups but instead of leaning on the toe of your feet, you will lean on your knees, this will dramatically increase the ease of the exercise, so you will be able to do a good number of repetitions of this variant of the push-ups even if you can only do a few normal ones.

Closed push-ups with knee support


Same as normal supported bending, but simply a tighter grip will be used to work the triceps.

Ab exercises


These are exercises that can be done by anyone regardless of their body mass index and level, so if you want to work on your core, do the most typical abdominal exercises.



Finally, as a leg exercise, there are the lunges, an easy exercise to perform although quite demanding at a cardiovascular level. Try to perform them with the right shoes because otherwise, you will lose a little balance with each step you take and your knees may suffer (this goes for both beginners and advanced practitioners).

Just because you are overweight does not mean that you cannot exercise with your own body weight, there are many exercises and variations that you can do regardless of your weight and level to improve your fitness and health. Consult a local PT or your doctor for the best course of action and remember that even 15 minutes a day counts!

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