How to stick to your fitness routine: things to have in mind

How to stick to your fitness routine: things to have in mind

When it comes to fitness, most people start with a lot of enthusiasm but quit a few weeks later. If you want to maintain a workout routine, you should take some things into consideration.

Look at your available time

Before signing up for any training program, look at your schedule. You may find that you can do a 60-minutes workout on some days, or maybe dedicate 30 minutes for a walk. If your availability allows you to do sports sessions only on weekends, try to clear 10-15 minutes of your time on weekdays to do some stretching sessions, combining upper and lower body exercises. 

Setting your fitness goals

Know your starting point

Don't set too ambitious goals when you begin to do some fitness. If you're a beginner, take it slowly to prevent injury and fatigue. Your body needs time to adapt to the new movements it may take some extra time to recover. You can gradually increase the quality and quantity of your training by adding minutes and intensity to your workout session. 

Take on a commitment with yourself

There are always excuses to skip a session if you don't turn it into a habit. Remember that you decided to start working out as a way to take care of yourself and to feel better: stay positive and work to overcome reluctance if it appears. You'll feel twice as good if you achieve your weekly goals.

Adequate sports shoes and proper exercising elements prevent injuries

Get the proper equipment

It's very important to have adequate sports shoes and the proper exercising elements to avoid injuries. If you’re planning to start a running program, you should buy sports shoes that fit your footstep right. If you're working out indoors, you can invest in a couple of kettlebells, as they’re very versatile and can be used both for unique movements and dumbbell exercises. Resistance bands can help you work out from different angles.

Take some minutes to warm-up before starting your working out session

Don't underestimate pre-and post-exercise stretches

Take some minutes to warm-up before starting your working out session. Do some stretching, breathe deeply, and move your muscles gently. If you want to avoid injuries or any muscle pain, be aware that cooldowns are very important too. This way, you'll only feel the benefits of working out and not the frustrations that many people feel the day after, when their body hurts.

Balance your workout with healthy habits

As recovery is just as important as training time, you need to combine your workout sessions with a balanced diet, good hydration, and quality sleep. Your body needs enough protein, carbs, and resting time to recover and to start over with renewed enthusiasm and energy.

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