How to add a few tweaks to your fitness routine and improve your health

How to add a few tweaks to your fitness routine and improve your health

Changes don’t come overnight, and when trying to improve our health and do exercise, it takes time to make it a habit. But instead of fixing your fitness routine, you can tune it!

We’ve all been there, as a new year’s resolution we want to change our personality completely and suddenly participate in a CrossFit class every day and lift a whole lot of weight in a few months –let’s face it, that´s unrealistic and it will only make you feel more disappointed. What you can, and you should do, is revise your fitness routine and upgrade it a bit so your fitness goals are inspiring and rewarding. Here’s how to:

Try something new

It will be easier for your body to burn stored fat if you vary your exercise. You can try doing something new each month to burn more calories, build lean muscle and get fit. Try some weights, cardio, and yoga.

Use your inner voice as a guide

We sometimes feel like our inner voice instead of encouraging us makes us feel like a failure “you should have workout harder, you should not have eaten so much,” but, how different it would be if your inner voice became a friend? Try coming up with positive messages and repeat them like a mantra, I usually tell myself “It’s a process, you’ll get there.” Researchers have found that using a positive inner voice can be very useful.


Resting is as important as working out.

It is paramount for your mind and body to rest, neglecting recovery might lead to physical and mental exhaustion. Plan some massage or beauty treatment, spend time with your friends, meditate, give yourself time to recover.

Have a goal

Set realistic goals for you.

It is important to have a realistic goal, you have to give yourself the time to get there and it has to be something achievable. For example, if you’ve just started running, “next month I want to be able to run a marathon,” is not a good choice, try saying: “next moths, I want to be able to run for longer.”

Lift weights

Start lifting some weights.

Weight training will help your metabolism as lean muscles burn extra calories, even when you are not lifting weight.

In the end, it is just what feels right for you, lift the weight you are comfortable with and set goals that you know you can achieve and be gentle to yourself.

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