How Gwyneth Paltrow stays in shape during lockdown. Hint: it's free!

How Gwyneth Paltrow stays in shape during lockdown. Hint: it's free!

Gwyneth Paltrow has been a wellness fanatic for a long time now. So how does she stay in shape during lockdown?

In an interview with Shape magazine, the actress and businesswoman revealed how she exercises when hitting the gym is not an option.

'I try to do exercises every day for my back and neck because of all the Zoom calls I'm on,' said the Academy-award winner. 'My husband, Brad, and I take a walk at least three or four times a week'

Gwyneth is a fan of Tracy Anderson's classes and also practices yoga

So has the lockdown affected her life in any way? Paltrow admits that while she hasn’t got her routine fully figured out, she has learned how to slow down.

'Now I feel different, letting my body go to sleep and wake up in its natural rhythm, having my kids around all the time, eating meals together and having meaningful conversations,' she said.

She realized that before COVID-19 she was moving too fast.   

'I had not realized how much the normal pace of life was overburdening our bodies, our minds, and our nervous systems. As we have been forced into the confines of our own homes, that has brought up a lot of emotional distress for some, and for others, it has been very peaceful. In my case, I have experienced both.

'I was constantly trying to pack in wellness moments, but I wasn't really decompressing until the weekend or when I went on vacation,' the star admitted.

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