Health benefits: Can you lose weight with Yoga?

Many people ask if they can lose weight with yoga, the answer is yes, and yoga also helps to relax the body and mind.

Practicing yoga also helps you lose weight, as each posture focuses on a specific part of your body, allowing you to tone and work on your muscles while reducing your accumulated fat. By toning the muscles, what we are also doing is helping our body, so that it will work better by allowing the release of toxins.

Practicing yoga // Photo by Dane Wetton

During a yoga practice what you are doing is stretching and toning the muscle, and for that, you need to be concentrated and aware of your breathing. Breathing is very important in yoga, and, if you have attended a class, you will have noticed that the teacher always puts a lot of emphasis on it, this is so because by breathing properly we oxygenate the cells of the entire body.

There are different types of yoga to choose from. From relaxing to dynamic, you can choose one that best works for you. The more dynamic the practice, the more calories you burn. 

Practicing yoga // Photo by Zen Bear

Yoga may also introduce practitioners to healthier eating habits, which will lead to a better diet and therefore, healthier weight. 

Another benefit of yoga is that it is a natural method of getting rid of the stress we are exposed to on a daily basis. It also contributes to our well-being, it is one of the most effective tools to calm anxiety and achieve a balance between body and mind.

In short, practicing yoga not only has psychological benefits but also helps you stay in shape and lose weight.

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