Have you stopped training? Some tips from Jen Selter to get back into your workout routine Have you stopped training? Some tips from Jen Selter to get back into your workout routine

Have you stopped training? Some tips from Jen Selter to get back into your workout routine

It's easy to find and excuse to stop training. You may postpone a workout for a while and then find yourself procrastinating for weeks. Once you lose the habit, it's easy to just give up completely. 

The fitness model and influencer, Jen Selter, shares some recommendations to help people think positively about resuming training.

Tips from Jen Selter to get back into your workout routine.

Often our first reaction is to start toxic, and negative self-talk. Instead of seeing our mistake for what it is (just human nature), we see it as a flaw in our character. We can let these negative thoughts spiral out of control, and invade every aspect of our life.

"I want you to take a deep breath and stop right there! Instead of letting this set you off track for weeks or months, reel it back in and give yourself a break! Everyone, including myself, has skipped a few workouts. The important part is that I treat myself like my best friend. I accept that I feel bad about it and forgive myself because I know that I am only human and sometimes life gets in the way. I drop concentrating on the fear, guilt, and shame and transform that into focusing on the positive and getting back on track because life's too short to dwell on mistakes of past!", she says

You might feel a ton of guilt because you are rushing as fast as you can to reach your fitness goal. In your mind, you might think that reaching this goal is all you need to feel happy. If you're not careful, this pressure is enough to stop you in your tracks so please, find something you love about your fitness journey and fall in love with the process.

For example, while losing 20 pounds is great short-term motivation, it is not enough to make you happy. True happiness comes from the person you become while you are losing the 20 pounds. All the new friends you make. Your new habits around food. You learn how to overcome obstacles and stay positive. Choose to be the person who doesn’t let a few days off from the gym throw her off track. Instead of seeing this as a failure, view this mistake as a learning lesson that you will be able to use again and again to make yourself unstoppable in the future. It’s truly a blip on your radar, so don’t sweat it!

 Have a go-to plan when you feel yourself falling off track. The best way to drop guilt is to take action. Take a pen and paper and write 3 things you can do right now to get back to your workout routine. For example, this might be laying out your gym clothes for the morning. It could be calling a friend to workout with you. Whatever you need to do, don’t keep it in your head, write it down! Then show up. Even if you can’t imagine actually working out, get yourself ready to workout at home or at the gym, and odds are you’ll get in the mood.

Remember, staying fit is a marathon, NOT a sprint. There are always going to be ups and downs and obstacles that get in the way of your goals. The important part is to put your mistakes in perspective and to see the big picture.

Jen Selter is not only an excellent model, but she is also admired on social networks for her healthy lifestyle. She shares her exercise routine with her followers and always encourages people to maintain healthy habits.

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