Floyd Mayweather never ceases to amaze with his physical condition

Floyd Mayweather never ceases to amaze with his physical condition

While many post-retirement boxers lose healthy sports habits at the highest level, Floyd Mayweather shows that being healthy and strong is his lifestyle.

Floyd Mayweather is 43 years old and in his best moment. Despite his retirement from boxing, he continues to maintain a routine that is beneficial to his health.

Despite rumors of his return to boxing, Floy surprised his Instagram fans with a high level of basketball training.

“All work is easy work! Family love. After jogging 8 miles and playing 4 games of basketball; my cousin Steve decided to challenge me to a game of one on one and got beat 3 consecutive games! He is not old just because he has grey hair like an old poodle”.

Floy shares some of his training habits on his social networks. For example:

  1. Running: The famous boxer performs his daily running routine to improve his endurance.
  2. Jump the rope: Among the benefits of this routine is improved endurance and agility.
  3.  Abdominals: Allows for strengthening the abdomen and stability.

Floy's workout routine also incorporates boxing moves, which allow her to not miss the ring.


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