Five exercises to do with your children during the lockdown

Five exercises to do with your children during the lockdown

There are several options and alternatives for training from home. But what happens when we have children? There are other training options that the whole family can share and have positive results for everyone's health.

After a difficult year, lockdown appears again in our lives. And we have to adapt our daily routine to the home. In this sense, working from home becomes very difficult if we also have to take care of our children and help them with their homework.

In the midst of this accumulation of tensions and without the possibility of practicing outdoor exercise, there are some alternatives so that both children and their parents feel better through the practice of physical activity with a playful component.

It is always important to add a playful content to the workout routines.

High five!
The goal is to train your legs and abdomen. Parents and children adopt an isometric squat position, standing back to back. They then do abdominal twists to collide with both hands on alternate sides. Although it is not as easy as it sounds, it does get more exercise than it seems.

This is the perfect exercise to train your leg extension. While the father or the mother is lying on the floor with the legs bent (knees to the chest), the child will stand up with the father's or mother's feet at the level of his chest, he will hold him with his hands (son in the air) and it will simulate that it is flying. This exercise is especially fun for children. You have to be careful with the weight of some little ones, as the lumbar vertebrae can suffer more than necessary.

Superman-related exercises are especially fun for children as they simulate being the superhero.

Music cheers the soul and both children and adults love it. In fact, it is usually a good technique to share musical tastes as a family. Kids love it and dancing can burn up to 600 calories, making it perfect for your health.

Flex balance
While the parent lies on the floor to do push-ups (with the knees supported, if the child is heavy), the child sits on the parent's back and maintains balance while doing as many of the exercises. possible push-ups.

Dancing with their parents is one of the activities children most enjoy.

Super squat
We take our son on a wheelie on our shoulders (depending on the weight of each child) and we will do squats while they count the repetitions. We can ask them to tell them in Spanish or another language they are learning so that we can practice with them in a fun way.

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