Fitness: a routine to train the upper body with home elements

Fitness: a routine to train the upper body with home elements

As recommended by the WHO, regular physical activity is essential to maintain and improve health during isolation to benefit both body and mind.

Getting at least 30 minutes of exercise reduces high blood pressure, helps control weight and lower the risk of heart disease, stroke, type two diabetes and various cancers.

We recommend these exercises that you can do with drums of bleach, water, or whatever you have on hand. This will depend on the weight you can lift, so don't overdo it.


Position in front and draw a V with the elements. Close your arms when you lower them and open your arms when you raise them. This work stimulates the dorsal and all the back muscles. Work for approximately 30 seconds with a brief 10-second pause to change exercises.

Exercise at home


The exercise consists of performing a frontal palmar lift. Palms forward. Draw a V forward, closing the arms at forehead level and pausing to focus strength and give greater stimulus.


Work with combined flights, open and close your arms. Pause to localize the work of the forces.

Biceps and triceps

Make bicep curls with marked pauses. To finish, extend and flex your arms with the drums. It is important to keep the elbow well raised, pausing and maintaining.

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