Feel the burn: try this yoga-inspired leg workout

Feel the burn: Try this yoga-inspired leg workout

Yoga-inspired workouts have become very popular lately. Easy to follow from home, they don't require any equipment other than a mat. 

The main pro of doing a yoga-inspired workout is getting all the benefits of both yoga and traditional exercises. This workout will improve strength, flexibility, mobility, and balance and you will definitely feel the burn.  Each move blends the body-sculpting benefits of strength training with the flexibility and mobility emphasis of yoga.

This class is a hybrid between Vinyasa Yoga and repetition-style leg workout. It combines the fluid movement and sequencing of a yoga flow, with repetitions of intense leg moves. 

Remember to do the best you can without pushing yourself too hard. Any yoga-based exercise requires a little experience and you will get better each time you do the workout.

It's important to work out consistently at least 2 or 3 times a week to see the results.

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