Feel the burn: try this home glute isolation workout. No equipment needed

Have you ever tried a glute workout only to feel it in your thighs? You're not alone. Many people struggle with working their glutes without increasing the size of their legs. Glute isolation to the rescue!

What are glute isolation exercises?

Isolation exercises will tighten and tone each of your glute muscles without hitting the legs too hard. Many times people feel the burn in the legs when performing lower body exercises. This is due to the fact that our glutes are rarely engaged and usually quite weak (thank you, sedentary jobs).

Try this glute isolation workout

Activating the glutes will help you fire up those muscles. Ideally, you should do some sort of glute activation as a warm-up before any lower body exercise. This will help you engage glute muscles better and get more out of the lower body routine. 

Follow this at-home routine with the British PT, Zanna Van Dijk, and feel your glutes fire up! All you need is a matt or a towel.

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