Discover how working out can help with anger and frustration

Discover how working out can release frustration

Are you feeling angry? Let’s see how doing exercise can help you release frustration and make you feel better

There are many reasons why people feel anger and manage that situation can be overwhelming. Some of the triggers could be personal problems, losing your patience, feeling as if your opinion is not appreciated, injustice, and more. How can I manage the anger or frustration? That depends on your personality, however, it has been proven that working out is a good way of dealing with negative emotions, particularly anger. 

Working out is a good way of dealing with negative emotions, particularly anger. 

Can running help us process emotions?

Absolutely yes. In a study made by Stockholm University, experts found that people who exercised at least two to three times a week, experience less depression, anger, and stress.

In addition, another study showed a significant reduction of aggressive feelings after both rowing and combat exercise, in other words, exercising has an immediate impact on anger. 

Dr. Charlotte Hilton, a famous psychologist explains the reason why we are able to release so much pent-up aggression. “The short answer is that despite the research, we still don’t know. The closest we’ve got is a model called the biopsychosocial model to help explain the relationship between exercise, wellness, and illness,” she says. “What that means is it is usually a combination of biological, psychological, and social or environmental factors that mean we can experience exercise as therapeutic.” 

When we exercise, we release endorphin, a happy neurotransmitter that makes us feel good

How is that possible? 

There is a biological theory known as the endorphin hypothesis. This theory suggests that during physical activity we release endorphin, a happy neurotransmitter that makes us feel good. But doing exercises can also cause feelings of accomplishment, for example when you overcome your expectations and achieve your personal training goals. This leads to an increased sense of confidence and control over yourself and your body. 

However, another theory says that by doing high-impact exercise, you can release anger in a physical way. For that reason, people tend to think that boxing, jumping, or throwing activities are the most beneficial when feeling angry. But the science on that is also not so clear.

Boxing, jumping, or throwing activities may be beneficial when feeling angry

“While people might think that hitting the punch bag or going to a boxercise class is going to really help process that anger, actually there’s an increasing amount of evidence that now suggests mindfulness, gratitude and being more closely connected with nature really helps us balance our negative emotions,” says Dr. Hilton. 

So the next time you feel really upset, consider channeling that emotion with some training. If you are a beginner, here are some tips to start working out. And you can also train with videos from Youtube.

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