Dakota Johnson's favorite workout routine: variety is key

The actress loves a sweaty session at her favorite yoga studio, combined with circuit training.

Ramona Braganza was Dakota Johnson's personal trainer when she was filming 50 Shades of Grey. She had been the trainer of other celebs like Jessica Alba, Halle Berry, and Anne Hathaway. The routine has stuck and while training may not be as hard now as before the role, Dakota keeps fit by combining the moves she learned during her training sessions with her favorite yoga classes.

Dakota's training routine combines three cardiovascular exercise circuits, two strength routines, and a final part where the core is worked on.

The sessions can be adapted to have different durations, from 20 minutes to the full hour. In fact, during the first months of filming, the training sessions were more intense for Dakota, lasting 60 minutes, but later she reduced them to 25 minutes.

In addition, so as not to fall into the boredom of the routine, each segment included different exercises inspired by boxing, ballet, or Pilates.

To increase the intensity, Dakota adds ankle weights to some exercises.

To complete the workout, one day a week Johnson practices hot yoga.

This high temperature in the studio makes you sweat a lot and this has several positive effects for the body and mind, ranging from cleaning toxins from the skin to the satisfaction of overcoming the challenge of completing each 90 minutes class. In addition to being relaxing, it improves many aspects of the body, such as flexibility, strength, and balance.

Dakota Johnson achieved great results with this training routine. 

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