Amazing: Courteney Cox's 5 secrets to a healthy body

Courteney Cox: her 5 secrets to stay in shape

The Friends superstar is 56 years young and looks INCREDIBLE. How does she do it? Read on to find out! 

The actress leads a healthy lifestyle and usually shares her activities with her fans on Instagram.

Courteney Cox knows it's important to relax the body and mind. That's why, on weekends, she loves to stay active outside of the gym, with activities like tennis or surfing.

Healthy eating is also important to Courteney because she includes lean proteins in her diet, as her main sources of protein.

She usually eats fish and vegetables, which are low in fat and give her the essential nutrients she needs for her workout. 

Courteney's 5 tips to stay in shape:

1. No More Low-Impact Workouts

She is always eager to try something new, and that was a big reason for the shift to high-intensity, MMA-style training. For the time being, low-impact workouts, such as Pilates and yoga, don’t seem to be a priority.

No More Low-Impact Workouts

Cox seems to be ageing in reverse in terms of her training. She's wanting to push the boundaries even further, by adapting to harder workouts on the regular.

2. Avoiding Carbs And Caffeine

Cox has a few food intolerances and avoids certain foods, just to feel her best. As she admitted with Cheat Sheet, her carbohydrates tend to be low, just because of her personal dietary preferences. She’ll also monitor her caffeine levels throughout the day:

“I’m not a big carb person, and I drink a lot of water and take vitamins. I am definitely a healthy eater. 

Glass of water

3. Intervals On Treadmill

Given how lean Cox has managed to keep herself throughout the years, it should not come as a surprise that she hits the cardio hard, incorporating a HIIT (high-intensity interval training) style in her cardio sessions.

Intervals On Treadmill // Photo by chuttersnap

She’ll speed up during high intervals while slowing the pace down in between. This spikes the central nervous system. It causes dramatic heart rate changes that lead to extra calories burned per session.

4. Big Veggie Intake

 “Luckily, some of my favorite foods in the world are vegetables. I just love kale, spinach, broccoli, asparagus. Anything green I crave.”

Big Veggie Intake

Eating clean must be easy for Cox, given her love of vegetables. She includes veggies with every meal, and broccoli is a great example of a high fiber veggie that can make any dieter feel full...not to mention the nutritional benefits of the veggie as a whole. Cox has the vitamin and mineral intake thing completely covered.

5. Mental health

"My fitness philosophy is to be active in life and enjoy what I am doing. I have always loved exercise and feel that being active is important to maintain not only physical health but mental health as well".

It is more than just maintaining a younger look; for Cox, boosting mental health is also a goal when it comes to keeping in shape and staying active. She's constantly trying new things and stimulating her mind – which is a healthy way to approach fitness and general wellness.

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