Chris Hemsworth is training very hard to become Hulk Hogan

The actor who interpreted Thor needs to gain even more musche mass to become the WWE star in this biopic.

Chris Hemsworth should not neglect his muscles because for his next role he will play a very strong and muscular man, Hulk Hogan.

"As you can imagine, the physical preparation for this role is insane.

Chris Hemsworth knows his training routine must be more intense than ever because the WWE wrestler was six feet tall and weighed over 200 pounds.

"I'm going to have to get more volume than ever, even more than for Thor.

A few months ago, the renowned actor had had a demanding fitness routine to get back to being Thor.

"Basically it was eat, eat, eat, train and train and try to sleep as much as possible."

 As he revealed, the usual diet consisted of protein shakes and chicken. Another sacrifice for a man who likes to maintain a vegan diet.

Chris Hemsworth has also stressed his excitement at learning more about the discipline in which the legendary wrestler became a star during the 1980s and 1990s.

"I'm going to have to immerse myself in the world of wrestling, which I really want to do.

Hemsworth also joked about what he would look like in the film:

 "I'll be blond, probably bald, and have a mustache."

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