Children's yoga: keep your kids entertained with some yoga poses. Fun for the whole family!

With the schools and playgrounds still closed in many countries, parents are left wondering how to entertain their kids. Entertain your little ones with some fun yoga poses and get a short workout yourself!

Not only is yoga a fun way to bond with your children but it can also be practiced with children as young as 18 months! To keep the classes fun, try incorporating stories and fun facts. Many yoga poses are called after animals, plants, and objects (tree, boat, unicorn, down dog, airplane) so kids can practice AND learn something new along the way.

A fun yoga class with kids

For older children, more challenging poses may be fun. You can hold them up in hand or shoulder stand. Kids are way more fearless than adults, so it will be a fun thing to try for them. 

After the session is over, it's important to explain to your child the importance of taking a few quiet minutes at the end of the class. While you can't really expect kids to stay still as an adult would, you can take this time to talk about positive feeling and emotions they experienced during the practice. 

Children can have fun practicing yoga

Children will always be more motivated to do yoga if they see you do it too. Just encourage them to copy what you are doing and have fun together! 

Some fun poses for the kids include: 

1. Boat pose

Balance on your buttocks with your legs up, just like a boat! Also, great core work for adults. 

2. Tree pose

Stand on one leg, bend your knee, place the sole of your foot on your inner thigh, and balance. Amazing for balance. 

3. Cat pose

Come to an all-fours position, round your back, and tuck your chin into your chest, like a cat! Excellent to release the back. 

A mindful moment image: Getty Images

4. Happy baby pose

Lie on your back with your chin tucked in, hug your knees into your chest, then grab the outer part of your feet with both of your hands, and rock like a happy baby. A great hip opener. 

5. Cow pose: 

On all fours, look up, arch your back, and open your chest. Can be practiced alternating with the cat pose. 

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