Celebrity favourite: why jumping rope will transform your body Celebrity favourite: why jumping rope will transform your body

Celebrity favourite: why jumping rope will transform your body

Jennifer Garner has just demonstrated that jumping rope is the cardiovascular challenge that her exercise routine needs to achieve a complete body transformation. That's why here we tell you about the great benefits of jumping rope and the celebrities who choose this effective exercise.

The 47-year-old actress makes hardcore cardio look easy. She showed on Instagram her jumping rope routine, which is a total body workout which tones shoulders, arms, butt and legs, and burns over 10 calories per minute.

Benefits of Jumping Rope

This exercise is so beneficial to the health, that many celebrities choose to jump rope as a preferred exercise in their workout routine. Jennifer Garner is one of the celebrities who chooses this exercise but there are other celebrities such as:

1. Justin Bieber

The singer keeps fit and has fun jumping rope. In addition to toning your entire body, it helps you release stress and muscle tension. Justin knows how to stay healthy.

2. Kate Hudson

Even when you can't go to one of your classes or to the gym, having a jump rope helps you stay in shape.

3. Kim Kardashian

She shows some of her fitness secrets from time to time on Snapchat. There she shows that jumping rope is very easy and fun.

4. Kayley Cuoco

For cardio training, the actress performs intensive exercises, such as jumping rope, which is a total body workout that challenges your shoulders, arms, butt and legs, burning more than 10 calories per minute.

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