Can you lose weight with yoga? What you need to know before you start

The answer is yes, it’s possible.

Yoga is the answer after a hard long crazy day. It helps the body and mind to relax and become more flexible.

Now the question is: can yoga actually be of help for losing weight?

Can yoga help you lose weight?

The answer is yes. If the goal is to lose some pounds, yoga is your ally. Yoga burns calories (depending on which yoga you practice), and it can help you get in the perfect mental space to make the right decisions that will help you lose weight.

From curbing emotional eating to getting the most out of a workout, the ability to be fully present and enjoy the full strength and capacity of your mind and body working together is the key reason yoga supports weight loss,"

says Rebecca Pacheco, yoga instructor, and star of Women’s Health With Yoga workout DVD.

If the main goal is to lose weight, you may not choose the relaxing type of yoga, instead, a good option will be Bikram or hot yoga. These two will make you burn a big amount of calories over a single class.

Also, practicing yoga requires you to use your body weight to execute challenging poses, which can help strengthen and tone muscles and can help you get in shape.

The addition of yoga once or twice a week will pose new challenges for your body to adapt to,” says Jonathan Amato, C.S.C.S.

How much weight can you lose with yoga?

How much weight can you lose with yoga?

To know how much weight you can lose with yoga you need to take into account many factors which include sleep and lifestyle habits, and of course, what you’re putting into your body.

When practicing yoga to lose weight, it’s critical to be aware of what you’re eating,” says celebrity nutritionist Nicolette M. Pace, RDN, who stresses the importance of a diet rich in whole, fresh foods. “There’s no cure-all or magic trick to losing weight fast.”

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