Butterfly stretches: How to get rid of back pain and other nuisances

Butterfly stretches: How to get rid of back pain and other nuisances

A year sitting at home might have taken its toll on your body. Maybe you’ve been experiencing low back ends up sore by the end of the day or your hips are stiff from sitting in front of the computer. Try these butterfly stretches to get rid of the stiffness!

If you are one of us who has been working from home since the pandemic started, your body has probably started to feel the effects of it. Butterfly stretches are excellent if you need to loosen up your hip joints or wind down after doing exercise, and the fact is that they are pretty simple.

Sitting for too long might be taking its toll on you.

How to do a butterfly stretch

Sit up straight on a flat surface, place the soles of your feet together and let your knees fall out to either side, hold your feet with your hands and try keeping your spine as elongated as you can.

Butterfly stretches help relieve tight hips

Benefits of butterfly stretches

Anyone can do butterfly stretches.

It is true that if you are new to stretching, in the beginning, it may seem hard to stretch, but doing it a few times every day will definitely make some changes. There is no age limit or any other limit as to who can perform butterfly stretches, just be careful not to be too rough. If it is still too difficult for you, you can try doing it one leg at a time –extend one leg out and keep the other in a butterfly position. Remember that the closer your feet are to your body, the deeper the stretch.

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