Buti Yoga: here’s why it is the hottest trend around

Buti Yoga: here’s why it is the hottest trend around

Why is everyone so crazy about this? What makes buti yoga the “it” workout? Here’s everything you need to know.

Buti yoga is a workout that combines aerobics, tribal dancing, and power yoga. The result? An explosive, intensive work out that will help you tone every single muscle on your body, with special focus on your abs. 

If by “yoga” you though relaxation and deep breaths, well, think again: buti yoga is a high-intensity class that combines yoga and dancing, accompanied by tribal tunes that will allow you to loosen your hips and dance to the beat.

Why is it so popular?

Why buti yoga so popular?

This practice is specifically designed to transform you from within. And, apparently, it delivers. There are many celebrity fans, like Jennifer Love-Hewitt, that are fans of this new and trendy practice. This is why it has gained a somewhat cult following.

As Sarah Fakih, a buti yoga master and a qualified personal trainer explained, “The difference with a buti class to say, a vinyasa, is that there is a lot more creative flow, plus there are elements of strength and conditioning, cardio bursts and tribal and primal movement within the flows."

"For example; we could link four to five asanas (poses) and then start to do reverse burpees or take you to goddess and start moving in a very primal way. There is a lot of pulsating through the class which really strengthens the muscles stabilizing you in each asana.”

The principles of buti yoga

What are the principles of buti yoga?

It is founded on what has been named Spiral Structure Technique (SST). Most workouts make us move our bodies on a linear plane, while buti yoga aims to spiral the body, working into core stabilizing muscles that are usually ignored. This is also why buti is so popular after childbirth.

Another important part of the practice is the tribal dance. However, you don’t need to be a good dancer to practice buti yoga. The whole idea around tribal dance is to “heal from within.” And the approach this discipline has is that there is no choreography nor counting steps. The focus is to move freely and release emotions through your body movement.

Buti yoga is focused on plyometrics.

Then, there’s also the aerobics or plyometrics, which are explosive and jumpy movements. The main purpose of this is to strengthen your muscles by improving their ability to contract and produce force.

All in all, it seems like the reason why everyone is crazy about this new trend is that it makes you feel good, release stress, and tone your body while having a great time!

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