It is great to train deltoids, triceps, biceps, rhomboids, serratus anterior and rotator cuff.

Bench pressing builds up your chest, arms and shoulders, but could it be bad for you?

Bench pressing is an effective exercise to build up your arms, shoulder and chest muscles, but could it actually hurt you? Aspects to consider when you perform this exercise.

If you want to build upper body strength, bench pressing can be your answer: it helps gain muscle definition and burn fat, but if not done properly you can harm yourself.

What does bench press do?

Aspects to consider

There are 3 simple rules you have to follow if you don’t want to hurt yourself: Have a spotter, use the correct form and don’t do more weight than you can lift.

If you break these rules, you might get seriously injured. The most common ones being torn pectoral muscles and damaged rotator cuffs –both injuries require surgery. If you lift more weight than you should, it can cause strain on the shoulder blades and limit muscle development,

Here is how to do them correctly and profit from its benefits without any undesired results:

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