Barre for beginners: What you need to know if you want to learn barre

If you are curious about barre and you don’t know how to get started, here is the place to be. Barre has gained popularity and it’s no wonder why.

Barre targets muscles you didn’t know existed, it sculpts lean muscle and improves your posture requiring minimal equipment. The benefits of barre are many, and if you commit to doing three classes a week for a month, and you’ll notice a flatter tummy, leaner thighs and a perkier bottom.

It a great strength training

Though it may not seem like resistance training, barre is a fun way to build strength with minimum impact. It focuses on functional strength training, using lighter weights –usually no more than 1.5kg. the idea is to repeat exercises for longer, so a kilo ends up feeling heaving. When you train muscles this way, your muscles lengthen and you build endurance, as a result, your limbs will become more chiseled and defined.

It a great strength training

You’ll feel your muscles start to shake as the fibers fatigue, though it might feel strange, it is actually because the tissues in your muscles damage, then get regenerated –this is how you become stronger.

Barre is not Pilates

While barre uses a lot of repetition at a fast pace, Pilates focuses more on minimal repetitions. Barre is more creative and chorographical, and Pilates is more structured. Barre formats vary a lot depending on the studio and but generally, the movements are small, yet they are powerful and promote muscle training. 

Barre formats vary a lot depending on the studio and the movements are small.

The key is to scale things up

Though it might feel like the movements are minimal, you need to understand your alignment before you take a more advanced class.

Anyone can do it, and it is safe during and after pregnancy, but always let your instructor know if you have any injuries or if you are pregnant.

Now that you know all the benefits of barre training, will you give it a try?

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