Animal flow: learn the lizard walk, a complete and challenging movement

Animal flow: learn the lizard walk –a complete and challenging movement

Imitating animal gestures and movements, animal flow allows us to work different muscles at the same time. Learn how to exercise at home or wherever you are with this modality of training!

How to walk like a lizard

This movement makes the muscles of the lower, upper and middle bodywork intensively.


  1. The movement starts with four points of support: palms and tips of the feet resting on the floor.
  2. To raise one foot, bend the knee and with a severe rotation of the hip bring the leg joint to the elbow on the same side, passing through the side of the body, while simultaneously advancing the opposite hand.
This movement makes the muscles of the lower, upper and middle bodywork intensively

Bonus tip:

Beginners: do the same with the opposite leg, but keeping the arms slightly bent for support.

Advanced: the movement should be made as close to the ground as possible while maintaining a severe hip rotation and keeping the arm flexion at all times. The body should be as aligned as possible from head to toe.

(Pictures: Vahva Fitness)

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