Amber Heard trains every day Crossfit, Yoga and Martial Arts to clear her mind

Amber Heard knows how to keep her mind positive despite the personal conflicts. Johnny Depp's ex  trains hard to clear her mind.

The actress is going through a difficult time, after the separation from her ex-husband. She now returns to the training routine to keep her body and mind healthy.

Amber Heard played "Meera" in the "Aquaman" movie, starring Jason Momoa. She prepared physically by studying martial arts and fighting hand to hand for the combat scenes she starred in the movie.

Karate, aikido, or taekwondo movements to recreate the different fights in the film were some of the martial arts that the actress practiced.

To tone up and get more strength, Amber Heard practiced Crossfit and taught in her Instagram account some of the exercises she did, such as sled drag and working with her whole body.

Although some CrossFit exercises can only be done in the gym and with proper equipment, you can emulate some exercises at home by using only a pair of dumbbells.

In addition to CrossFit and martial arts, Amber trained by doing yoga, which helped her improve her core strength and flexibility, an essential complement to other sports that she does, such as martial arts.

Yoga has numerous benefits for the body, such as improving balance, strength, elasticity, and learning to breathe. It is also a practice that we can include in our daily exercise routine because with just 15 minutes of practice a day we will already notice the results.

She knows that physical activity helps people feel better.  And yoga is the most recommended for people who need to relax the mind.

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