Amazing! Nadine Leopold shares the training routine of a Victoria's Secret model

Amazing! Nadine Leopold shares the training routine of a Victoria's Secret model

Nadine Leopold is a beautiful, talented and world-renowned model. She shares with us her training routine to become a Victoria's Secret model.

Stephen Pasterino is the model's personal trainer. Nadine focuses more on using perfect form and slow, controlled movements to tighten her body.

Her method does not involve any weight, and everything is low impact. It's all about having a good posture and doing careful movements to tighten hard-to-reach muscles, especially in your abs, thighs and butt.

Nadine Leopold also goes to dancing classes!

The model also trains with Megan Roup. They are all dance, cardio and bodyweight strengthening exercises. They start all their classes with cardio dance, but then move on to strength training with slider discs and their own body weight.

"I really like Megan's approach to fitness. She is a former dancer, and understands that many of her clients are looking to stay slim and toned."

Resistance Training

Training at home!

When Nadine can't go see her trainers in person, she likes to work out from the comfort of her home. In her Instagram stories, she shares many moments of her workout on her bedroom floor. She stays healthy at any time and at any place.

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